University of Alberta Committees

NASA has representation on the following University of Alberta Committees:

Campus and Facilities Safety and Security Working Group
Gail Harvey

Protective Services Advisory Committee

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Scoping Group
Elizabeth Johannson
Lisa Dublin

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Awards Committee
Matthew Edmonds

Committee on Understanding Race in the Academy
Dinuka Gunaratne

Community Strategy Advisory Engagement Committee
Dinuka Gunaratne 

Accessibility Advisory Committee
Moyra Lang

Community Connections Awards
Elizabeth Adolf

University Support Staff Research Enhancement Award
Quinn Benders

Joint Health and Safety Committee
Mikhaila Skehor

Clean Air Strategy Working Group
Nadine Badry

Board of Governors
Matthew Barnett

General Faculties Council (GFC)
Andrei Tabirca
Shannon Erichsen

Le Anne Carbonilla
Elizabeth Johannson