Join the NASA bargaining team

NASA is seeking a member interested in filling a vacancy on the bargaining committee. Candidates for the bargaining committee should:

  • approach issues in a non-reactive and non-judgemental manner, while at the same time providing an opposing view in a respectful manner;
  • possess the ability to consider all sides of an issue before determining conclusions;
  • be prepared to personally devote the necessary focus to be actively engaged in this important role; and
  • be aware of the diversity of the jobs the NASA membership perform for the university and be able to represent the interests of the entire membership.

This role requires people who are prepared to work as a team, and requires a willingness to take time away from their regular work (this time will be leave with pay).

If you are interested in taking this on and being part of the leadership that your fellow NASA members rely on, please email your expression of interest to nasa@ualberta.ca by Friday, February 5.