Clarification on September 30 closure

Last month, the university announced that it would be closing regular operations on September 30 to observe the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. While NASA strongly supports the observation of this day, the announcement provided no information about the type of day off it would be for employees. We have since requested and received the following details from the university.

Since the day has not been declared a provincial statutory holiday, the university is not treating it as a "paid holiday" under the collective agreement. Instead, for this year's observance, the day will be handled in the same way as winter closure days.

Based on the collective agreement terms for winter closure, if a regular or auxiliary employee is not required to work on September 30, they will be paid for the day. If a regular or auxiliary employee is required to work on September 30, they will be paid for the day and be granted another day off in lieu. Similarly, a regular or auxiliary employee who is on illness leave or vacation on September 30 will not be required to use their illness leave or vacation for that day.

The only exception to the winter closure application is in relation to casual employees (including supplemental tradespersons). Under the winter closure provisions, normally for these groups of employees the day off would be without pay. For September 30, casual or supplemental tradesperson employees who would normally have worked on that day and are not required to work will receive their daily pay. If a casual or supplemental tradesperson is required to work on September 30, they will be paid for the day but will not receive a day in lieu, as they wouldn't normally be entitled to receive it.

In order to ensure this day is addressed in the collective agreement on a go-forward basis, NASA and the university will discuss this matter during the current round of bargaining.