Collective Agreement 101

Collective Agreement 101
Tuesday, September 26 | Noon - 1:00 pm

Join us for a high-level overview of the rights and entitlements the NASA collective agreement provides to employees. Learn about compensation, union representation, different leave provisions and more! Remember, what is in the collective agreement are rights, not privileges.

Pre-registration is not required. Join the session.
This is the first of a series of three online Your Union 101 workshops for members on the topics NASA most commonly receives questions about: the collective agreement, benefits, and bargaining.
Benefits 101 will be held on Wednesday, October 4 | Noon - 1:00 pm
Bargaining 101 will be held on Wednesday, October 11 | Noon - 1:00 pm  
All sessions will be held on Zoom over the lunch hour and pre-registration is not required.